Saturday, November 2, 2013

NCAAF 11/2 Bets for Tomorrow

Saturday, October 19, 2013


NCAAF was a let down last week. Got a few sides and totals to drown out the funk. Last week that Ncaaf Picks posted for free. NFL will not be free tomorrow.

Florida State / Clemson over 64 (2 Units) Betus - Track meet, Florida St defense won't feel like playing after Boyd torches them a few times.

Florida -2.5 (1.5 Units) Betdsi - Buy it down if you have to, Mizzou qb out, should be a good game, but FL will grind it out, bad defense and all.

North Texas -3 (3 Units) - By it down from 3.5 Ltech not very good while N Texas much improved.

UCLA / Fresno St over 73.5 (1.5 Units) - Huge number but should finish closer to 80 points.

Texas Tech / West Virginia over 57.5 (3 Unit) - Huge run in points, hope that doesn't bite us in the ass, but should be another track meet as Ttech can't stop anything.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

NFL Picks 10/13

1-4 (-6.90 Units) in NCAAF yesterday. Can't seem to break out of the funk. NFL should bail us out though.  NFL last week was 3-1 (+5.35 Units). NFL now 13-6-1 (+18.80 Units) since the regular season started.

NFL Sunday

Seattle -13 (5 Units) Betdsi - No Locker, no run game, Seattle at home, too much going wrong for Tenn.

New England -1 (3 Units) Betus - Everyone in love with Saints getting points on the road, Pats will show up.

Denver over 53 (2 Units) Betdsi - Denver might be resting guys early which will help Jags score a few td's.

Oakland +9 (2 Units) Betus - Kc not invincible, Oakland can grind it out too. Sloppy game for both.

Monday Night

Indianapolis -1 (2 Units) Betdsi - Gonna be a shootout but Luck in the redzone is spectacular.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

NCAAF Sat 10/12

Did it again last week in NFL 3-1 (+5.35 Units). NFL now 13-6-1 (+18.80 Units). This is the last week NFL is free, sorry guys clients starting to complain. This Sunday will be the last, games will posted after kickoff.

NCAAF went 2-2 yet once again losing the juice on 4.5 Units. Northwestern managed to screw up a lateral all the way back to the end zone for a go ahead Ohio St score. Gonna try and and break out this week once again.


Washington +14 (2 Units) Betus - Oregon's lowest spread to date for a reason.

Stanford -7 (2 Units) BetDsi - Stanford far too strong for Utah.

Michigan -2.5 (2 Units) BetDsi - Looks like a trap, get it under 3 or lower for sure.

South Carolina -5 (3 Units) BetDsi - Arkansas not there yet, SC should shut em down

Northwestern +10 (3 Units) Betdsi - Northwestern had Ohio st on the ropes, no let down here.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

NFL Sunday 10/6

Wow did we get screwed by Northwestern on the last play of the game. We have to settle for a 2-2 day minus the juice. NFL has been on fire now 10-5-1 (+13.45 Units) for the season. Feeling another good day.

Cincinnati +1.5 (3 Units) 

Seattle/Indy over 43.5 (2 Units)

San Fran -6 (2 Units)

Jacksonville +11 (1.5 Units)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

NCAAF Sat 10/5

2-3 Last week in NCAAF. Still looking for a breakout. NFL remains redhot. Cutback this week on NCAAF. Got these lines this morning. Had to 1/2 on Ohio and Miami FL.

Northwestern +7.5 (2 Units) 

Ohio -3 (2.5 Units)

Miami FL -7 (2 Units)

Georgia -12.5 (2.5 Units)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NHL 10/2/13

NFL remained red hot, pushed on the 5 Unit play as the Texans choked it away. Went 3-1-1 (+3.70 Units). NFL is now 10-5-1 (+13.45 Units). NCAAF needs some work, but NHL is back, lets get it started tonight.


Philly -130 (to win 2 Units)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

NFL Sunday 9/29

NFL was 2-2 last week for a loss on the juice (-.40 Units). For the season 7-4 (+9.75 Units). Stepping out a bit today. 

NFL Sunday

Houston +3 (5 Units) - Buy the line up if you have to, Seattle average road team.

Falcons -2 (3 Units) - New England no where near as strong as Atlanta.

Lions -3 (2 Units) - Why on earth are the Lions favored? This is a much closer game.

San Diego +2 (2 Units) - We hate Dallas, Rivers far too hot right now.

Monday Night

Saints -6.5 (3 Units) - Miami gonna get a beatdown in the dome.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sat NCAAF 9/28

Finished 3-2 last week but lost (.60 Units) due to losing a higher unit game. Going to randomize the units for this week.

Air Force +11 (1.5 Units) - Way too familiar with each for this much points, even though AF looks bad.

South Carolina -6.5 (2 Units) - Both rested, go with Spurrier off the bye.

Tennessee -16.5 (2.5 Units) - Tennessee offense looks bad also but they will bounce back today.

Texas AM -14 (2 Units) - Did you see what Rutgers did against Arkansas, AM will kill them.

Army Pk (2 Units) - Army's ground game should lead the way.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

NFL Sunday 9/22

Another 3-2 day in NCAAF but we lost the two bigger unit games just like last week to finish (-.60 Units) down for the day. Gonna have changed some things around next week. NFL is redhot 5-2 (+10.15 Units) so we push on.

NFL Sunday

Baltimore +2 (2.5 Units) - Good spot for an home dog and underrated Ravens team against the overrated Texans.

Green Bay -2.5 (2 Units) - Packers getting a discount and running the ball well. Just too strong for the Bengals.

NY Jets -2 (1.5 Units) - Buffalo still bad, coming off a strong win. Jets Defense should be the difference maker.

St Louis Rams +3 (2 Units) - Cowboys not very good at home, while Fisher is hitting over 65% as a dog.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ncaaf Sat 9/21

NFL heating up after a 2-1 (+3.35 units) last Sunday 5-2 (+10.15 Units) overall. Ncaaf went 3-2 last week but for a small lost (-1.05 Units). Overall NCAAF is 7-7 (-1.15 Units).

Utah st +7 (2 units) - Utah st very tough, gonna be much closer in the end.

Michigan -21 (3 units) - Last week was a wake up call, Michigan gonna show up to play

Maryland  -6 (2 units) - Tough game but Maryland's defense should prevail and get the win.

Stanford -7 (2 units) - Stanford is the better team here.

Kansas State +7 (3 units) - Texas can't stop the run

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sun NFL 9/15

3-2 (-1.05 Unit) - Winning day but our 2 bigger games end up as losses. Notre Dame still looks bad and Cent Michigan was up 21-0 only to not score any points in the 2nd half as we lose the cover by 3 points. NFL is 3-1 (+6.80 Units) to start the season.


Seahawks -2.5 (3 Units) - Big matchup, everyone taking the points with SF but Seattle incredibly tough at home.

Arizona +2 (2 Units) - Detroit will struggle again this year. Arizona offense revamped, Defense intact.

Ny Giants +4.5 (1.5 Units) - The world is high on Denver after week one's performance. Giants no slouches.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sat 9/14 NCAAF

Picked up another Ncaaf win Thursday as the over was victorious. NCAAF 3-2 (+4.60 Units) since last Sat while NFL is 3-1 (+6.80 Units) since the start of the season. Good games this weekend, lets get started.

UCLA +3 (1.5 Units) - Ucla coming off rest usually a good thing.

Georgia Tech -8 (2 Units) - Not happy about the 8 but this should be a lopsided game.

Maryland -6.5 (1.5 Units) - Tough game, but Uconn looks really bad early.

Central Mich/Unlv over 54 (2.5 Units) - Horrible defenses enough said.

Notre Dame -18.5 (3 Units) - Late money coming in on Purdue, don't buy it. Notre Dame blowout.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

NCAAF Thursday

3-1 (+6.80 Units) in NFL after Mondays win with the Eagles. 2-2 (+2.60 Units) in NCAAF after last Sat. Lets keep the momentum going tonight.

Troy/Ark st Over 68 (2 Units) - Big number but there is a reason its so high.